STERIA is an energy-focused consulting group, generating solutions for the evolving energy business for clients in Canada, the US and around the world. We bring our independent perspective, experience, energy and focus to help you capture and optimize your energy monetization opportunity or challenge.

We are a highly-experienced consulting group which focuses on adding value to our client’s Western Canada Energy Assets in the context of the North American and Global marketplace. The group brings its collective knowledge and experience to natural gas and natural gas liquids as they are developed, gathered, processed, transported, marketed to the end users or upgraded to a value-added product (NGL, LNG, Power). We support our clients’ energy value chain activities with their integration as a primary driver of value creation.

Our clients’ people and processes define, measure, and deliver business performance which are key to their overall success. In a rapidly evolving business environment, we can coach, mentor, and develop key leadership talent (Talent Development). We assess and optimize how organizations function and deliver performance (Organizational Improvement) such as benchmarking and improving key operational performance metrics.

We are a sponsor and an active participant in The Centre for Gas and Liquids Monetization, an organization to increase the volume and value of Western Canada natural gas and liquids production.