Our Team’s Client Spectrum

Upstream Sector – more than 20 producers ranging from start-ups to multinational integrated companies

Midstream Sector – more than a dozen public and private companies ranging from start-ups to established fully integrated processors

Pipeline Sector – half-a-dozen oil and gas pipeline companies

Law Firms – several companies representing diverse interests and participation across the energy value chain

Power – technical and expert witness services to several companies and organizations

Private Equity Institutions, Investment Banks, Financial Advisors – advice to more than half-a-dozen companies and industry associations

LNG Exporters provided expert testimony on North American natural-gas resources and supply for more than a dozen NEB LNG export license applications

Multi-client Studies – co-authors of nine multi-client Resource and Infrastructure Studies addressing the major growth areas and plays of Western Canada including:

  1.   Montney, Duvernay, Deep Basin, Horn River–Liard Shale Gas, and Alberta Condensate-rich Montney plays
  2.   Western Canada Gas Supply & Infrastructure for LNG Exports Impact of LNG Development on NGL Growth