Steria has a number of associates who compliment our Principals when the occasion arises, a few are listed here.

Jim Fitzowich, P.Eng.

Mr. Fitzowich has over 30 years of experience in the North American Midstream Energy industry, was a senior executive in the Midstream and Power Sectors, Past Chair of NRGreen Power, and Past board member of the Independent Power Producers of Alberta (IPPSA) and the Power Pool of Alberta when the current de-regulated power market was created. Mr. Fitzowich has provided consulting services for 3 years with a focus on FG&P and Power.

Paul Kos

Mr. Kos has more than 30 years of utility experience including ; power system analysis, risk management, regulatory affairs, deregulation issues, rate design, system and resource planning, reliability, engineering economics, energy procurement and asset management. Linking technical analysis with probabilistic assessments and economic evaluations to support and improve the decision-making process, enhance engineering and integrate externalities. Supporting clients in more than 40 transmission interconnection projects (AB, SK, ON, BC and US) and preparing regulatory submission in AB and US – FERC. He has been an expert witness for different AB regulatory bodies and assisted with evidence and witness preparation.

Eugene Mukhin

Mr. Mukhin has over 20 years of oil and gas industry experience in engineering, project development, project management, contract negotiations, business development, assets analysis and evaluation, and operations. He held a variety of technical positions in the Midstream Sector. Mr. Mukhin has provided Consulting Services for 5 years with a focus on the Plays & Assets and FG&P.

Tim J. Reimer, P.Eng.

Mr. Reimer has over 40 years of broad industry experience in the E&P (junior, intermediate and large), Midstream and Gas Aggregation Sectors including negotiating and implementing commercial arrangements and expert opinion and expert witness testimony for various Land, Commercial and Joint Venture disputes. He was a member of the JP05 industry task force on industry processing fee guidelines and is currently a member of the PJVA task force revising the model CO&O Agreement. Mr. Reimer has provided Consulting Services for 5 years with a focus on FG&P and the commercial underpinnings of the Natural Gas and NGL Value Chain.